Don’t have your own website to sell stamps?

Now you can if you create a free account!
This website offers you all options for managing your lots.
For questions you can always app me on 06 383 30 241 in the Netherlands.

Let the people in your network know where to find your stamps!

Here you can buy and sell stamps!

Meet a stamp collector with the same interest as You! Or a stamp collector who surprises you with a stamp you have been looking for for a long time? Even if you don’t speak the language, you can build a very nice relationship. Your network will expand and you will see that you will enjoy your hobby even more: collecting stamps!

Buying stamps:

As a buyer you need no account. To buy a “Lot” you send an email to the seller. The sellers email is displayed in the lot you want to buy. Prices are fixed (no bidding) and there is no third party to negociate a price. As the publisher of this stamp website, we disclaim any responsibility for any business done by the seller and buyer..

Sell ​​your stamps:

A seller needs an account to sell a “Lot”. Within an account you can create a personal “profile page” .
Here you can indicate which data will and will not be shown within your lots. A profile photo can also be placed. Ask for an account and place 10 lots for free! With a “wallet” you have the option to place 50 “lots” for 10 euros.

Member of a stamp association?

As a member of a stamp association you can place 50 “lots” at no cost!