Welcome to My Post Stamps

My Post Stamps is an excellent international platform for stamp collectors. Discover the possibilities of this website and request a free account! Sell your Lots free of charge. Join our community and connect with fellow stamp enthusiasts.

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The objectives of My Post Stamps

  • Make club nights more lively
  • Offering a large number of available lots on the website
  • Encouraging members to come up with ideas that will lead to a more lively club evening.

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Let a “new wind” blow within your stamp association!

  • Embrace the digital world of Philately!
  • Members within our “Elderly Club” can also use a computer
  • Om jongeren te interesseren is het tijd voor een Update van de ledenvergadering!

If you agree with the above statements, here are a number of points of interest that you can discuss during a meeting!

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The benefits of My Post Stamps

Using www.mypoststamps.com provides stamp collectors with a comprehensive and engaging platform that supports their hobby through extensive resources, community engagement, and market insights.

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Free Listings

–   Are you a member of a stamp association?

  • Then you can use the website for free.

–   Not a member of a stamp association?

  • Then you can place 10 lots for free and buy lot space with a wallet.

Fixed Sales Prices

  •   All stamp Lots are offered at fixed prices for easy transactions.

Community Focus

  •   Ideal for members of stamp clubs to share and trade stamps.

How It Works

    1. Register: Create your free account.
    2. List Your Stamps: Easily upload and describe your postage stamp Lots.
    3. Set Your Price: Choose a fixed price for your stamps.
    4. Sell & Connect: Engage with buyers and complete your sale.

Transactions on the club night

The seller brings the lots to the next club evening. The interested buyer can then personally inspect the stamps before the transaction takes place.

Benefits for members


No need to go through complicated shipping procedures. You can offer the stamps directly to your fellow members.


By having the transactions take place during the club night, you minimize the risk of problems with shipping or payment.

Community feeling

This approach promotes interaction and cooperation within our association, making our club evenings even more lively and interesting.

Good price

You offer your lots at a fixed price. So you will not be surprised by a yield that is too low, such as at an auction! You pay no commission like on auctions and no shipping costs!

Publish articles

You can have articles published on the website under your own name.

Explore Stamps from Around the World

We are working hard on this stamp catalog. Input of information by third parties is highly appreciated. You can submit your information by email and it will be posted promptly, with your name as a reference.

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What makes collecting stamps interesting?

Collecting stamps is an engaging and rewarding hobby for many reasons.

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Platform for the stamp collector

On this platform you have all the options to realize your hobby digitally.

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The future of a stamp association

‘Think carefully about the future of the stamp association’

Note: The stamp association in De Lier wonders whether they can exist for another fifty years (2019)
What does the future look like for the stamp association?

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