The website for members of a stamp association

Inform the members of your association about your hobby! You can use this website free of charge.

As a member you can:

– place an unlimited number of lots at a fixed sales price;
– indicate in the management of your lot where you can find the lot;
– change lots, place them off-line and delete them;
– place and change a shortage list;
– place up to 10 images within a lot;
– view an overview of the number of lots placed and sold and their sales value;
– place a link to your own website;
– place a lot and ask the visitor who knows more about your lot;
– view his/her lots per seller;
– search for a lot based on text in the description of a lot;

In addition to the above points, it is also interesting to make an inventory of your lots without posting it online. The sale of lots to members of your association can take place at the association evening.