Postage stamp associations in the Netherlands:

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  • The Royal Dutch Federation of Philatelic Associations, which oversees many local clubs and organizes national philatelic events.

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  • This association promotes fair trade practices among stamp dealers and collectors. They also organize events and provide resources for collectors.


  • The NBFV coordinates activities among various local stamp clubs and supports collectors with information and resources.


  • The Amersfoortse Philatelisten Vereniging aims to stimulate the collecting of stamps on a broad level and to expand your knowledge about your collection(s) through the monthly meetings.Read more


  • De Eendracht – One of the oldest philatelic clubs in the Netherlands, offering regular meetings and exhibitions.


  • The association aims to promote the interests of stamp collectors and those of its members in particular, as well as to promote philately in the broadest sense of the word.

These associations provide platforms for collectors to connect, share knowledge, and participate in events, fostering a vibrant philatelic community across the Netherlands.