Collecting stamps

There are several ways to collect stamps depending on your preferences and available resources. Here are some steps you can follow:

Start collecting stamps

You can get stamps by saving them from the mail you receive, by purchasing them at post offices, stamp shops or online, or by trading them with other collectors.
Choose a collecting theme: Think about what type of stamps you want to collect. These can be countries, themes such as animals, art or sports, but also specific periods or events.


Make sure you have the right tools, such as an album, pliers (tweezers) to handle the stamps, a magnifying glass to view details, and possibly a catalog to identify and value stamps.

Organize your collection

Place your stamps in your album in an organized manner. You can sort them by country, year, theme, or any other way that makes sense to you.
Research and Learn: Delve into the world of stamps by reading about different types of stamps, their history and the market. This way you learn more about your own collection and discover interesting pieces.

Expand your collection

Keep looking for new stamps to add to your collection. This can be done through purchases, exchanges with other collectors or participation in stamp fairs and auctions. Be careful with your collection: make sure you store your stamps properly and protect them from damage from light, moisture and other external factors. Enjoy your collection: Take the time to enjoy your collection and discover the stories behind the stamps. Stamp collecting is a fascinating hobby that brings you into contact with other enthusiasts around the world. Have fun!