Stamp auctions in the Netherlands

There are several notable stamp auctions in the Netherlands that collectors can explore:

1. **NPV (Nederlandsche Postzegel- en Muntenveiling B.V.)**:
– Located in Weesp, NPV is the largest stamp and coin auction house in the Netherlands, with over 80 years of experience. They offer free appraisals and have a wide customer base, ensuring high returns for sellers【38†source】.

2. **Corinphila Auctions**:
– Based in Amstelveen, Corinphila is part of the Global Philatelic Network and specializes in stamps, coins, and postcards. They have been holding auctions since 1974 and are known for achieving high results for consignors【39†source】.

3. **Van Dieten Postzegelveilingen**:
– This auction house, located in Roermond, has a rich history and offers detailed digital catalogs for their auctions. They provide valuation services and have regular auctions featuring a wide variety of philatelic items【40†source】.

4. **Rietdijk Veilingen**:
– Operating out of The Hague since 1919, Rietdijk organizes biannual stamp and coin auctions. They offer various bidding options, including live online bidding, and provide appraisal services at their office or at the client’s location for larger collections【41†source】.

These auction houses provide excellent opportunities for both buying and selling stamps, with services ranging from appraisals to detailed auction catalogs and online bidding options.