Names of countries on postage stamps

When you look at a stamp, you often immediately see a number of characteristics, namely:

Country Name

  • Most stamps include the name of the country of origin.


  • The value of the stamp is clearly indicated, usually in numeric form, sometimes accompanied by a currency symbol.

Theme or Subject

  • A brief description or name of the depicted theme, person, event, or place.

Commemorative Details

  • For special issues, the occasion or anniversary being commemorated might be mentioned.

An experienced stamp collector can quickly see from these features where that stamp comes from. And as far as your knowledge of the language goes, you’ll figure it out. Especially when it concerns a Western language for us as Europeans! Outside this language area it becomes more difficult. The information below will help you with that!

Postage stamp from CroatiaCroatia – hrvatska

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Postage stamp from BulgariaBulgaria – България

Currency: 15 ст – лв

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Western Hungary, also known as Lajtabánság or Burgenland,