The objectives of My Post Stamps


The purpose of this website is to make a stamp meeting lively.
Another goal is to create a large number of available lots on the website so that there is something for every collector. The ultimate goal is to encourage members to come up with ideas that will lead to a more lively club night.

The stamp meeting

Stamp associations have hardly kept up with the times over the past fifty years. I speak from experience! In the 1980s I was a member of the Philips Club and now for about 2 years of De Helmveste in Helmond. Little has changed! However, the chairmen are concerned about the future of their club! The chairmen’s question is “what do the members want” and what next?

What do the members want?

A fair question! After all, the chairman is there in the interests of the members. You would think that if such a question were asked during the meeting, the answers would come. But it remains just some suggestions. Those suggestions will be mentioned in the next club monthly magazine and that will be the end of it. There is no good sequel. That has to change.

What next?

Perhaps I’m going a little too quickly with the above text, but I apologize for that. The question remains “What next?” The answer to that question is simple! Make the meeting lively!! Lively so that new members do not drop out.

How are we going to do that?

This should be discussed during the meeting. It’s the members’ turn! Here I will first give an example of where things went wrong, so that a discussion can take place..

–  Example 1

  • 2 new members have arrived. Husband and wife! I had a short conversation with them and they were very curious about how the meeting would go.
    I haven’t seen them since.

–  Example 2

  • One of our members collects stamps from England.
    If they are not in the auction, he immediately loses interest. Partly because the start of the meeting is often later than planned.


The meetings must become more lively.

How are we going to make the meetings more lively??

  • When it comes to this website, a first step can be a big step towards a better member experience. And that is if all members place Lots on this website. In addition, posting information about their collecting interests.
  • More attention to new members.
  • Discussing websites using our projector.
    – Think of our own website
    –   Auction websites
  • Will this become an important part of the modern way of meeting? Read more