Recognize a stamp from Croatia

To recognize a postage stamp from Croatia, you can look for specific characteristics and features that are unique to Croatian stamps. Here are the key indicators to help you identify a Croatian postage stamp:

Country Name

Latin Script:
Croatian stamps will typically have the country name written in Latin script as “Republika Hrvatska” or simply “Hrvatska” (Croatia). This is the most definitive indicator.


Croatian Language: The text on the stamp will be in Croatian. Common words might include “pošta” (post) or “vrijednost” (value).


Kuna and Lipa: The value of the stamp is usually indicated in kuna (kn) or lipa (lp), the subdivisions of the Croatian currency. For example, you might see “1 kn” or “50 lp”.

Design Elements

National Symbols: Look for symbols of Croatian heritage and culture, such as:
– The Croatian coat of arms.
– Famous Croatian historical figures or landmarks.
– Flora and fauna native to Croatia.
– Cultural events and traditional Croatian attire.


  • Historical and Cultural Themes: Croatian stamps frequently celebrate national history, important anniversaries, and cultural milestones.
  • Nature and Wildlife: Croatia’s diverse natural environment is often depicted, including plants, animals, and scenic landscapes.
  • Sports and International Events: Stamps commemorating participation in events like the Olympics or World Cups.

Postmark and Issue Date

  • Croatian Postmarks: Postmarks from Croatian post offices will also be in Latin script and can provide additional confirmation.
  • Issue Date: The year of issue, often printed on the stamp, can be cross-referenced with known Croatian stamp issues.

Examples and Visual Cues

Classic Croatian Stamp
Country Name: “Hrvatska”
Design: Historical figure, such as a Croatian leader or cultural icon.
Currency: “2 kn”

Modern Croatian Stamp
Country Name: “Republika Hrvatska” or “Hrvatska”
Design: Flora and fauna, cultural symbols, or significant national events.
Currency: “5 kn”

Practical Tips

1. **Magnifying Glass**: Use a magnifying glass to examine small details and inscriptions more clearly.
2. **Stamp Catalogs**: Refer to specialized stamp catalogs like the Stanley Gibbons or Michel catalog, which list and describe Croatian stamps.
3. **Online Resources**: Websites such as Colnect or StampWorld have extensive databases with images and details of Croatian stamps.
4. **Philatelic Societies**: Contact local or national philatelic societies for expert advice and verification.

Sample Croatian Stamp Image

Postage stamp from Croatia

Country Name: “Hrvatska”
Currency:  kn  or kuna)

By familiarizing yourself with these characteristics, you should be able to identify Croatian postage stamps with greater confidence.