Recognize a postage stamp from Bulgaria

Recognizing a postage stamp from Bulgaria can be achieved by looking for specific characteristics and features that are unique to Bulgarian stamps. Here are the key indicators to help you identify a Bulgarian postage stamp:

Country Name

  • Cyrillic Script: Bulgarian stamps often have the country name written in Cyrillic script as “България (Bulgaria). This is the most definitive indicator.
  • Latin Script: Occasionally, the name “Bulgaria” may also be written in Latin script, especially on more recent issues.


  • Bulgarian Language: The text on the stamp will typically be in Bulgarian, using the Cyrillic alphabet. Common words might include “поща” (post) or “стойност” (value).


  • Leva and Stotinki: The value of the stamp is usually indicated in leva (лв) or stotinki (ст), the subdivisions of the Bulgarian currency. For example, you might see “1 лв” or “50 ст”.

Design Elements

National Symbols: Look for symbols of Bulgarian heritage and culture, such as:

  • The Bulgarian coat of arms.
  • Famous Bulgarian historical figures or monuments.
  • Flora and fauna native to Bulgaria.
  • Cultural events and traditional Bulgarian attire.


  • Historical and Cultural Themes: Bulgarian stamps frequently celebrate national history, important anniversaries, and cultural milestones.
  • Nature and Wildlife: Bulgaria’s diverse natural environment is often depicted, including plants, animals, and scenic landscapes.
  • Sports and International Events: Stamps commemorating participation in events like the Olympics or World Cups

Postmark and Issue

  • Bulgarian Postmarks: Postmarks from Bulgarian post offices will also be in Cyrillic script and can provide additional confirmation.
  • Issue Date: The year of issue, often printed on the stamp, can be cross-referenced with known Bulgarian stamp issues.

Examples and Visual Cues

Classic Bulgarian Stamp

Landname: “България”
Design: Historical figure, such as a Bulgarian tsar or national hero.
Currency: “50 ст”

Modern Bulgarian Stamp

Landname: “Bulgaria” and/or “България”
Design: Flora and fauna, cultural symbols, or significant national events.
Currency: “1 лв”


Sample Bulgarian Stamp Image

Postage stamp from Bulgaria

Country Name: България
Currency: ст ; stotinki