Postage stamps from the Grenadines

Collecting postage stamps from the Grenadines offers an intriguing glimpse into the culture, history, and natural beauty of these Caribbean islands. The Grenadines are part of the nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and consist of a series of smaller islands in the Caribbean Sea. Here’s a guide to help you explore and collect postage stamps from the Grenadines:

Key Periods and Notable Stamps

Early Period (Pre-Independence)

  • British Colonial Era:
  • Design:
    Stamps issued during this time often featured British monarchs and local scenes.
  • Notable Stamps:
    Pre-1969 issues of Saint Vincent which were used throughout the Grenadines.

Post-Independence Period (1979-Present)

Independence Era (1979-1990s):

  • Design
    Following independence in 1979, stamps began to reflect the cultural and natural heritage of the Grenadines more prominently.
  • Notable Stamps:
    The 1979 Independence series and subsequent issues featuring local wildlife, flowers, and historical events.
  • Modern Issues (2000-Present):
    Modern stamps often focus on a variety of themes such as marine life, flora and fauna, cultural events, and notable figures.
  • Notable Stamps:
    Recent issues depicting the islands’ natural beauty, such as the marine life series, local festivals, and important historical anniversaries.

Collecting Focus Areas

Thematic Collections

  • Marine Life:
    The Grenadines are renowned for their stunning marine biodiversity. Stamps featuring marine life can highlight this aspect of the islands.
    Notable Series:
    Various series depicting fish, corals, and other marine creatures.
  • Flora and Fauna:
    The unique plant and animal life of the Grenadines make for interesting thematic collections.
    Notable Series:
    Issues featuring local flowers, birds, and other wildlife.
  • Cultural Heritage:
    Stamps depicting local traditions, festivals, and historical events provide insights into the rich culture of the Grenadines.
    Notable Series: Stamps celebrating Carnival, local dances, and historical anniversaries.
  • Historical Figures and Events:
    Commemorative issues that highlight significant figures and events in the history of the Grenadines. Notable Series: Stamps featuring important leaders, independence celebrations, and other significant milestones.

Island-Specific Collections

  • Bequia:
    Bequia, the largest of the Grenadine islands, has issued its own stamps.
    Notable Stamps: Issues featuring maritime themes, local wildlife, and cultural events.Union Island, Canouan, Mayreau, and others: Each of these islands has also issued stamps, often highlighting their unique attributes.
    Notable Stamps: Stamps featuring the local culture, geography, and notable sites of each island

Collecting Tips

  • Sources and Research:
    Catalogs and Guides:
    Utilize stamp catalogs like Stanley Gibbons or Scott catalogs to identify and value stamps from the Grenadines.
  • Online Communities: Join philatelic societies and online forums to connect with other collectors and stay updated on new issues and discoveries.


    Collecting postage stamps from the Grenadines offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural and natural heritage of these beautiful Caribbean islands. Whether focusing on thematic collections like marine life and cultural heritage or island-specific issues, stamps from the Grenadines provide a diverse and enriching collecting experience. By focusing on quality, authenticity, and careful preservation, you can build a valuable and enjoyable collection of stamps from the Grenadines.