Postage Stamps from Portugal-Azoren

Postage stamps from the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, are of significant interest to philatelists due to their unique themes and historical context. The Azores, an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, have issued their own distinctive stamps reflecting the region’s cultural and natural heritage. Here’s an overview of postage stamps from the Azores:

Historical Background

Early Issues

  • The first stamps for the Azores were issued in 1868.
    These early stamps were Portuguese stamps overprinted with “AÇORES.”


  • Over time, the Azores began issuing stamps with unique designs specific to the islands, distinct from mainland Portuguese stamps.

Features of Azorean Stamps

Design Themes

  • Local Flora and Fauna:
    Stamps often depict the unique plant and animal life of the Azores.
  • Landscapes and Landmarks:
    The stunning volcanic landscapes, coastal scenes, and significant landmarks of the islands.
  • Cultural Heritage:
    Traditional Azorean customs, costumes, and festivals.
  • Historical Figures and Events:
    Important figures in Azorean and Portuguese history, as well as significant historical events.

Definitive Series

  • Regular stamps used for everyday postal services, often showcasing the islands’ natural beauty and cultural heritage.


  • Issued to mark significant anniversaries, events, and notable personalities related to the Azores and Portugal.

Notable Series and Issues

  • 1868 First Overprints
    The initial issues were Portuguese stamps overprinted with “AÇORES,” marking the beginning of the Azores’ philatelic history.
  • 1938 Ceres Series
    Part of a broader Portuguese series, featuring the Roman goddess Ceres. The Azores stamps in this series had distinctive overprints.
  • 1980s Fauna and Flora Series
    Featured the unique wildlife and plant species found in the Azores, highlighting the archipelago’s biodiversity.
  • 1992 Historic Buildings Series
    – Showcased important historical and architectural landmarks across the islands.
  • 2000s Volcanic Landscapes Series
    Depicted the dramatic volcanic landscapes of the Azores, emphasizing the geological significance of the region.

Collecting Azorean Stamps

  • Popularity
    Azorean stamps are highly regarded by collectors for their unique regional themes and historical context.  The limited number of issues compared to mainland Portugal adds to their appeal.


  • Stamps can be purchased from philatelic dealers, auctions, online marketplaces, and occasionally directly from Portuguese postal services. Stamp exhibitions and fairs often feature rare and valuable issues from the Azores.

Special Editions and Errors

  • Special Editions:
    The Azores occasionally release special editions for significant regional and national events.
  • Errors and Variants:
    Misprints and design variations are particularly valued by collectors and can significantly increase a stamp’s value.


Postage stamps from the Azores offer a captivating glimpse into the archipelago’s rich natural beauty and cultural heritage. From the early overprinted issues to beautifully designed commemoratives and definitives, these stamps provide a rewarding area of interest for philatelists. Collecting Azorean stamps is a fascinating pursuit that reflects the unique identity and history of this remote yet culturally vibrant region of Portugal.