Postage stamps from Middle Lithuania

Postage stamps from Middle Lithuania (Mittellitauen) are a fascinating and relatively short-lived chapter in philatelic history. Middle Lithuania was a short-lived political entity that existed from 1920 to 1922, situated between Lithuania and Poland. It was created following the Polish-Lithuanian War and was later incorporated into Poland. Here’s an overview of postage stamps from Middle Lithuania:

Historical Background

  • Creation and Duration:
    Middle Lithuania was established in October 1920 following the Polish seizure of Vilnius and surrounding regions from Lithuania.
  • The region existed as a semi-autonomous entity under Polish control until it was incorporated into Poland in March 1922.

Postal Services

During its brief existence, Middle Lithuania issued its own postage stamps, which are now valuable collectibles due to their historical context and limited issuance.

Features of Middle Lithuanian Stamps

Design Themes:

  • National Symbols:** Many stamps featured national symbols and motifs reflecting the region’s cultural and political identity.
  • Local Landmarks:** Some issues depicted important buildings and landmarks in Vilnius and the surrounding area.
  • Military Themes:** Given the context of the region’s creation, some stamps included military symbols and references.


Some early issues were overprints on existing Polish or Lithuanian stamps, modified to be used specifically in Middle Lithuania.

Notable Series and Issues

  • 1920 Overprinted Stamps:
    The first stamps issued were overprints on Polish stamps, marked with “Środkowa Litwa” (Middle Lithuania).
  • 1921 Definitive Series:
    These included original designs featuring local landmarks, national symbols, and important figures.
  • 1921 Pictorial Series:
    A set of stamps depicting various scenes and symbols significant to the region, showcasing cultural and historical aspects.
  • 1922 Final Issues:
    As the region was being incorporated into Poland, the final stamps issued were limited and are now particularly rare.

Collecting Middle Lithuanian Stamps

Rarity and Value:

  • Due to the short lifespan of Middle Lithuania and the limited number of stamps issued, these stamps are relatively rare and highly prized by collectors.
  • Stamps from Middle Lithuania often fetch higher prices at auctions and are considered valuable additions to collections focused on Eastern European or historical philately.


  • These stamps can be found through specialized philatelic dealers, auctions, and online marketplaces.
  • Collectors may also find Middle Lithuanian stamps at stamp exhibitions and fairs, particularly those focused on Eastern European history.

Special Editions and Errors

  • Special Editions:
    While Middle Lithuania’s stamp issues were limited, some special commemorative issues may exist, often reflecting significant local events or symbols.
  • Errors and Variants:
    Misprints and overprint variations can be particularly valuable, given the limited production and historical significance of the stamps.


Postage stamps from Middle Lithuania provide a unique and intriguing insight into a brief but significant period in Eastern European history. From the initial overprints to the original designs issued during its short existence, these stamps are a valuable part of philatelic history. Collecting Middle Lithuanian stamps is a rewarding pursuit, reflecting the complex and turbulent history of the region during the early 20th century.