Postage Stamps from Jersey

Postage stamps from Jersey are known for their vibrant designs and themes that celebrate the island’s heritage, culture, and natural beauty. Here’s an overview of Jersey’s postage stamps:

Historical Background


  • Before 1969, Jersey used British stamps, and during the German occupation in World War II, local provisional stamps were issued.


  • Jersey began issuing its own postage stamps on October 1, 1969, following the establishment of the island’s independent postal administration.

 Features of Jersey Stamps

Design Themes:

  • Cultural and Historical: Stamps often depict significant events, historical figures, and aspects of Jersey’s rich heritage, including its unique traditions and folklore.
  • Flora and Fauna: Local wildlife and plant species are frequently featured, highlighting the island’s biodiversity.
  • Landmarks and Landscapes: Iconic sites and natural beauty spots of Jersey are common subjects.
  • Royalty: Stamps commemorating the British royal family and royal events, such as anniversaries and jubilees.
  • Art and Literature: Celebrations of local and international artists, authors, and their works.

 Notable Series

  • 1969 First Definitive Issue:
    Featured Jersey landmarks and the island’s coat of arms.
  • 1983 Marine Life Series:
  • Highlighted the diverse marine life around Jersey’s coastline.
  • 1995 Liberation Series:Celebrated the 50th anniversary of Jersey’s liberation from German occupation during WWII.
  • 2009 Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
    Commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust with stamps depicting endangered species.
  • 2012 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II:
  • Celebrated the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.