Platform for the stamp collector

Personal note

As a stamp collector I enjoy my hobby. However, buying stamps is increasingly a necessity to expand my collection. Selling is also part of that, to keep the costs of my hobby within limits. Although there are many platforms where stamps can be bought and sold, I missed the contact between seller and buyer. The idea of ​​building a website for stamp collectors arose spontaneously!

Platform for the collector

And here is now the platform is for the collector! Stamp sellers can, if desired, profile themselves well and buyers get a better idea of ​​the seller from whom they buy their stamps. In addition, the website offers the possibility to make nice contacts with stamp collectors and to buy beautiful stamps for a great price!

The Stamp Association

Although the platform is accessible to everyone, it is mainly in the interest of stamp associations. The youth are at home on the internet and it would be nice to interest them in collecting stamps! In case they join a stamp association, they can sell stamps at no cost on this international platform.

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