How do I recognize a stamp from Russia?

Recognizing a postage stamp from Russia can be done by looking for specific characteristics and features unique to Russian stamps. Here are the key indicators to help you identify a Russian postage stamp:

Country Name

  • Cyrillic Script
    Russian stamps often have the country name written in Cyrillic script as “Россия” (Rossiya), which means Russia.
  • Latin Script
    On some stamps, especially those intended for international use, you might also see “Russia” written in Latin script.


  • Russian Language**: The text on the stamp will primarily be in Russian. Common words include “почта” (pochta) which means “post” and “стоимость” (stoimost) which means “value”.


  • Kopeks and Rubles**: The value of the stamp is indicated in kopeks (коп) or rubles (руб), the currency of Russia. For example, you might see “10 коп” or “5 руб”.

Design Elements

  • National Symbols
    Look for symbols of Russian heritage and culture, such as:
  • The Russian coat of arms (double-headed eagle).
  • Famous Russian historical figures or monuments.
  • Architectural landmarks, such as the Kremlin or St. Basil’s Cathedral.
  • Flora and fauna native to Russia.
  • Cultural events and traditional Russian attire.


  • Historical and Cultural Themes**: Russian stamps frequently celebrate national history, important anniversaries, and cultural milestones.
  • Nature and Wildlife**: Russia’s diverse natural environment is often depicted, including plants, animals, and scenic landscapes.
  • Space Exploration**: Given Russia’s significant contributions to space exploration, stamps often feature space themes, including cosmonauts and spacecraft.

Postmark and Issue Date

  • Russian Postmarks**: Postmarks from Russian post offices will also be in Cyrillic script and can provide additional confirmation.
  • Issue Date**: The year of issue, often printed on the stamp, can be cross-referenced with known Russian stamp issues.

Examples and Visual Cues

Classic Soviet Stamp

  • Country Name: “СССР” (USSR)
  • Design: Historical figures or events, often in a propagandist style.
  • Currency: “коп” (kopeks)

Modern Russian Stamp

  • Country Name: “Россия” (Rossiya)
  • Design: National symbols, flora and fauna, or cultural themes.
  • Currency: “руб” (rubles)