As a member of De Helmveste in Helmond, I regularly attend the monthly meetings. I only know a few of our members by name, which is a pity. After all, I want to know who collects what. That question also came from other members at one of our meetings. A list was then published in our monthly magazine “Vizier” of November 2022. Because this overview is very concise,  it seemed important to me to build a website so that members of an association can better inform each other about their collection area.

The website

The website “My Poststamps-” offers a collector the possibility to (anonymously) create a profile and sell stamps. Members of “De Helmveste” can place unlimited number of lots. “My Poststamps” has been online since 01-01-2023. The website is in several languages so that a lot can be found internationally. Lots are shown based on the choice of Country and year of issue. A description can be placed within a lot. A lot can be placed on-line as well as off-line. Lots are offered at a fixed price. Contact between buyer and seller takes place via email.

Placing lots

After logging in, you can add lots within “My Selling Platform”. At the top of the screen it is indicated how many lots you can still place. A lot can be changed if certain information is incorrect.

Country choice
You choose the country where the stamps are issued.

Year choice

This is the year of issue according to a stamp catalog. If you have a lot with stamps that were issued in different years, you can indicate this.

Display a stamplot

Images of a lot

You can “Upload” images of your lots for a potential buyer to evaluate the quality. Within your club you can of course take your lots with you on the club night