Sell your stamp collection

There are several reasons to sell your collection.
If you decide to do so, you can offer your collection for sale on this website. To get the best price for a collection, it is usually best to sell it by dividing the collection into lots. For example, a lot with stamps of the Netherlands eic. It is also best to offer your most expensive stamps separately. Making lots takes some time but will yield the most.
The price you can ask is free to you. You will need to use a stamp catalog to interest a buyer at the price you are asking. For toppers from before 1900 that are MNH and with original gum you can ask 30-50% of the catalog value. If you ask less, you will sell faster! Old unused stamps without gum and with adhesive or adhesive residue yield significantly less. Stamps after 1940 fetch between 5 and 12% of the catalog value at auctions.